New Step by Step Map For magic wand massager

Finally! The brand new cordless version of Magic Wand Massager is now Rechargeable - better compared to Amazon or even Walmart!

From today on you can have your enjoyment moments on the series with all the newest Magic Wand Rechargeable Massager. It has a soft body secure substance and has 4 shaking intensities (the first magic wand has only 2) and 4 vibration patterns that you may play . So whether you like to sooth your spine ache or relax your legs or more'personal' massage, YES you can guarantee!

This newest Magic Wand Rechargeable has power, the vibration and pleasure that you fell in love with the Original Magic Wand, the only difference it you can take it anywhere!

This baby is referred to as the"Cadillac of Vibrators" because of it's durability, strength and attractiveness. Unlike novelty battery-powered vibrators, the Hitachi Magic Wand is an absolute requirement for girls who are elderly or have difficulty attaining orgasm, and has the power to bring girl to orgasm quickly -- or have not orgasmed at all. It is great to use with a partner and works for guys.

You know, to soothe those aching muscles of your back, arms, arms, neck and other non-sexual areas (if there are some ). Both becoming sexually stimulated, and relaxing muscles, are achieved in the exact same manner blood circulation to all those cells with vibration. The vibrations penetrate and relax muscles and there are a lot of people who use it. I like to use it in my shoulder that I strained playing tennis and my husband's lower back. Even in the event that you buy it as a wand vibrator or even"personal massager" (a nice way of saying sex toy!) You need to give it a shot as a muscle relaxer!

Sex therapists advocate the Hitachi magic wand be used to gently to excite the clitoris. WARNING: If you push too hard the region will be made hitachi personal massager by you go itchy or numb. Light touch. Remember that. Light touch. If you're currently using it tell them -- LIGHT TOUCH! *Slipping a sock over the end is a great idea. Start slow in the Event That You've got all day*

The great thing about the Magic Wand Original vibrator is the fact that it has a lot more endurance and power compared to the usual battery operated massager. It won't give out at the incorrect time (such as when it is close to attaining the desired effects!)

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